In 2011, more than 30,000 separate fires burned approximately 4 million acres and more than 3,017 homes, making it the worst wildfire year in Texas history. (Texas A&M Forest Service, November 2011)

Timberland losses in East Texas exceeded 150,000 acres and $208 million worth of standing timber.  The total economic impact to the region will approach $3.4 billion. (Texas A&M Forest Service, November 2011)

Insured losses for the 1,673 homes destroyed in Bastrop, TX, are projected to reach $325 million. (Insurance Council of Texas, December 2011)

The 314,000-acre Rockhouse fire burned 24 homes and two businesses in the town of Fort Davis, along with the largest Rio Grande cottonwood tree, a national champion since 1976. (American Forests, 2012)

On New Years Day, 2006, a wildfire destroyed 31 of the 39 homes in Ringgold, TX. (Texas A&M Forest Service Case Study Report, May 2007)